Hamill and Hamill

Hamill & Hamill Ltd. no longer exists.
A new www.hamill.co.uk website is on its way.
Meanwhile, this is the old site, dating back to 2011.

Hamill and Hamill

Hamill and Hamill Ltd is a private company owned and operated by David and Lynne Hamill. It is based in Surrey, UK.

David Hamill

David Hamill is a Chartered Engineer. He held an academic post at the University of Surrey, and has also worked in the electronics industry at board level.
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Lynne Hamill

Lynne Hamill has recently been awarded a PhD degree. She was formerly Executive Director of the Digital World Research Centre at the University of Surrey.
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Our clients are public sector bodies, charities and commercial organisations, including: Apple Computer Inc, BBC Television (Tomorrow's World), British Mule Society, Centre for Research on Simulation in the Social Sciences, Department of Transport, Donkey Breed Society, EMC Ltd, Gateway Inc, Government Office for the South East, IBC Business Publishing Ltd, Metropolitan Police, Microsoft Research, MMC Ltd, PAG Ltd, Paragon Publishing Ltd, Social and Community Planning Research, Strategis Developments Ltd, Talent & Potential Ltd, University of Surrey, Waverley Borough Council, Windfall Films Ltd, and Welsh Pony and Cob Society. As subcontractors we have produced work packages for Airbus, Channel 4, Dell Inc, Orange, Rexam, Safeway, Siemens AG, and Surrey County Council.

To contact us, please email info@hamill.co.uk.
Hamill and Hamill Ltd's registered address is 26 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2HW, United Kingdom.